Power Supply Related Problems Causing HDD Clicking

Power Supply ProblemsVery often hard drive clicking sounds are directly related to power supply problems. This can be because of a faulty power supply or a power supply that is overloaded.

Some ways to test for and/or resolve HDD clicking noises due to power supply problems are:

Note: These steps assume that you know the components that make up a computer system and how to safely work with computer equipment. Precautions should be taken when working with electrical devices and for electrostatic electricity. If you are not sure what to do, seek help from a professional.

a.) Check to see what other devices, if any, are connected to the same power lead from the power supply as the hard drive. If any device(s), especially a graphics card is connected to the same lead then connect the device(s) or hard drive to a different power lead and test.

b.) If your computer has many devices connected to the power supply, you should disconnect as many devices as possible that will still allow the computer to boot and run.
You should be able to disconnect CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, any additional hard drives not required to boot, USB devices, modems, internal PCI and PCI express cards. Once you have disconnected what you can, start your computer and check to see if the hard drive clicking noise has gone.
If the clicking sound has gone then your power supply is overloaded and you will probably need to purchase a larger power supply unit to provide enough power for all of the devices.

c.) If the hard drive is still clicking after following the above instructions, it could still be an overloaded power supply. If you have access to a higher rated power supply, you should install and test that in your computer.

d.) If you do not have access to a higher rated power supply to test with, you should remove the hard drive from the computer and test it connected to an external hard drive enclosure or connected to another computer.
If the hard drive clicking has stopped when connected to an external enclosure or another computer, then you know that the hard drive itself is ok. It may still be a faulty or overloaded power supply, which can be tested as per steps a.), b.) and c.) above, or it may be due to other factors such loose connectors, drivers etc.
If it is still making clicking noises when connected to an external enclosure or another computer, then the fault is very likely to be with the hard drive itself and not the power supply. If this is the case then this still may be able to be resolved in other ways so go through the other causes listed on this website to see if any of them apply.