Hard Drive Firmware

Sometimes hard drive clicking sounds can be resolved by upgrading the hard drive’s firmware. If a model of hard drive is prone to hard drive clicking problems the manufacturer may release an updated firmware code to fix the problem.
To check to see if there has been an updated firmware for your hard drive you should look on the hard drive for the make and model number. This information is normally on a sticker on top of the hard drive. Take a note of these details and then go to your hard drive manufacturers website support/downloads section to see if there has been a new firmware released for your model of hard drive. There should be notes stating what fixes are resolved with each incremental firmware update. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the firmware update to the hard drive.

It is extremely important to get a good backup of any data you may need from the drive before applying any firmware updates. If a problem occurs or power is lost when the firmware is being applied the hard drive may be rendered useless.

Here are some links to the most common hard drive manufacturer’s websites:

Seagate: http://www.seagate.com

Western Digital: http://www.wdc.com

Maxtor: Maxtor is now Seagate – http://www.seagate.com

Hitachi: http://www.hitachigst.com/portal/site/en/

Samsung: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/

Fujitsu: Now Toshiba – http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/storage/index.htm